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How are Rubber Granules Made?

Rubber granules are small pieces of recycled rubber that are often created from scrap rubber that would otherwise be disposed of. Rubber recycling has become increasingly important in recent years, particularly as more industries look to prioritize sustainability, making rubber granules a popular surfacing material or landscaping filler.

By understanding the manufacturing process of EPDM rubber, you can get a better understanding of this product and discover if it's the right solution for your project.

Raw Material Collection

Before the EPDM rubber granules can be created, the raw materials must be collected and processed by the manufacturing facility. Rubber recycling plays a critical role in the creation of rubber granules, with millions of pounds of scrap rubber, conveyor belts and other rubber materials being processed in order to create these granules. Recycling and repurposing the rubber prevents these materials from ending up in a landfill.

Once the raw materials have been collected, the materials must then be sorted before they can be processed. Only the most high-quality rubber materials are used in order to create rubber granules, ensuring the production of safe, high-quality rubber granules. At Sparton Enterprises, we prioritize the highest-quality raw materials, as we know that this is the key to creating the quality products that our customers have come to expect.

Shredding and Grinding

Shredding and grinding is the initial processing stage. Once the raw materials have been collected and sorted, they are broken down into smaller pieces. The amount of shredding and grinding that is done will have a direct impact on the size of the rubber particles.

At Sparton Enterprises, we have the ability to produce granules across a wide range of sizes. For instance, rubber buffings or (shredded rubber) are derived from grinding scrap rubber in preparation for receiving new tread. These grindings are vacuumed through a special process and trucked to us. We then systematically sort these buffings into various sizes. Dried and packaged, scrap rubber is used in multiple applications including; pour-in-place playgrounds, running tracks, walkways, ergonomic mats, and more.

Scrap rubber is utilized as a shock absorption layer underneath pour-in-place applications. Our packaged buffings are available in sizes ranging from 50 lb. bags, 1000 lb. bulk bags to 2000 lb. super sacks.

Sieving and Sorting

Once the raw materials have been sorted and subsequently shredded and ground into their appropriate size, they must be separated accordingly. During the sieving and sorting process, rubber particles are separated based on the size of the particle and its overall consistency.

Sieving is the specialized process that is performed in order to ensure uniformity of granule size. Many customers are looking to purchase rubber granules of a specific size, and it's important to be able to package them accordingly. Through effective sieving, we can guarantee uniformity and consistency.

Sorting takes place after the sieving process is complete. During the sorting process, rubber particles are sorted in order to remove any impurities or foreign objects that may be in the rubber material. This is a key component of quality assurance, as all clients are concerned that they are purchasing safe rubber granules that are free from foreign objects or any toxic substances. Given the fact that many rubber granules are made from recycled rubber materials, it's incredibly important to have effective sorting measures and processes in place.

Coloring and Coating

Once the vulcanization process is complete, dyes and pigments can be added to the granules in order to customize their color. At Sparton Enterprises, we are able to offer EPDM rubber granules in a wide range of color options, thanks in large part to our innovative color mixer. By giving you an endless array of colors and coatings to choose from, you are able to order rubber granules that will enhance the aesthetics of your space while simultaneously increasing its overall functionality and performance.

Some of the colors available at Sparton Enterprises include:

  • Beige
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Grey

By focusing on vibrant, visible colors, we are able to provide you with the exact surfacing solution or landscape fill that you are looking for. In fact, you even have the ability to mix and match your colors in order to create a truly personalized look.

Once you have chosen your color, you will be able to select an application for coating if you choose. Some of our optional coatings include:

  • UV Resistance
  • Anti-Slip Coating

At Sparton Enterprises, we are proud to create high-quality rubber granules that offer long-lasting color and unmatched durability. Your ability to customize your coloring and coating selections ensures that you receive the exact product that you require for your project.

Quality Control and Testing

Quality control and testing is implemented at every stage of the manufacturing process, in order to ensure that all rubber granules produced by Sparton Enterprises are of the highest quality. 

As part of our commitment to quality control, we routinely inspect rubber granules in order to verify that they meet our standards for size, consistency and purity. In addition, we conduct testing on rubber granules in order to ensure that they achieve all performance characteristics, including resilience, elasticity and durability. Our commitment to quality control and testing is unmatched, allowing us to provide our clients with a sense of confidence as they finalize their rubber granule order.

Packaging and Distribution

Once we have confirmed that all rubber granules have been produced according to our high standards and meet our quality guidelines, we then move onto the packaging and distribution phase.

At Sparton Enterprises, we work to package our rubber granules in various formats, based on the size of the order and the needs of the client. We often use bags and bulk containers in order to effectively package granules in a way that preserves the integrity of the product, all while keeping in mind how the granules will be stored and transported in the future.

Once properly packaged, our rubber granules are shipped using our intuitive distribution channels, which allow us to provide rubber granules to end-users in a wide range of industries.

Applications and Uses

Rubber granules have a wide range of applications and uses across industries, making them one of the most viable and sustainable options for:

  • Sports surfaces
  • Playgrounds
  • Horse arenas
  • Automotive production facilities
  • Landscaping

Regardless of the intended use, rubber granules are known for their safety, sustainability and durability, making them one of the best investments that you can make in your project.

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